UIAGM Mountain Guide, Nobuyuki HAYASHI

Hakuba Hayashi pension

Welcome to ‘outdoor station’ “Hakuba Hayashi pension”.
We are a small pension located in Donguri (Acorn) Village,
between Happo-One and Iwatake, two popular mountains in Hakuba.
(Pension is an inn located in country or resort area operated mainly by family.)

Everybody who loves nature, snow, playing with snow, traveling, and of course, mountaineering can be the main guest of our Pension.
The owner of Hayashi Pension, a professional mountaineering guide, as well as a “Hakuba Meister” support you enjoying outdoor lives.

Our meals have sufficient volume and taste best We get tips from a chef of the restaurant at Roppongi, Tokyo.
We use vegetables and other materials in season and serve dishes at the best condition; hot meals at hot temperature and cold ones in cold condition.

Owner’s Profile

Nobuyuki Hayashi

Who I am
Blood type: O, Constellation: Aries
Hakuba Mountain Guides Association Member
Japan Mountain Guides Association International Guide (UIAGM) Member of rescue squad of Northern Alps distress prevention council Used to be an instructor at Climbing Institute of Ministry of education Participated in mountaineering guide training seminar at Valais state (Wallis state), Switzerland.
Mountain experiences
When I was young, frequently went to the mountains with rock cliff all the season, such as Mt. Tanigawa, Mt. Hotaka, Mt. Tsurugi. These days mainly go to local mountains (Ushiro-Tateyama mountains).
Overseas mountains experiences
Alps (Mont Blanc mountains), Auto route (Mountain skiing, Tasman, New Zealand, Annapurna mountains with low peaks, Canadian Rockies, McKinley, Alaska
I love a little strange mountaineering (mountains with no road, mountains which can be hiked only in the season with unmelted snow remains.).

Hakuba Hayashi pension

9464-13 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun, Nagano Prefecture 399-9301, Japan

Tel +81-261-72-4724
Mail hayashipension1@asahinet.jp

Number of rooms: 9 (Capacity : 24persons)
All rooms are in western style.
1 room is equipped with a bath.
(Other rooms' guests share bathes in the building.)

1 Night 2 meals 8,000 -8,500 yen
The highest price above is the rate for 1 guest who use the room only by him or herself.
(Taxes included, no service charges required)

We will pick you up at Hakuba station or Happo bus center.

From Tokyo Area

By JR Chuo line: From Shinjuku: Take express Azusa, Chuo line, and get off at the Hakuba station.
By JR Shinkan-sen: From Tokyo station, take Nagano Shinkansen and get off at Nagano station. Take buses to Happo bus center from Nagano station.
By from Shinjuku, take a highway bus for Hakuba. Get off at Happo bus center.

From Chukyo, Kansai district

From Nagoya: Take Chuo Nishi-line for Matsumoto. At Matsumoto, change to Oito-line and get off at Hakuba station.

From Kansai district

Take Hokuriku line to Itoigawa. Change to Oito-line at Itoigawa and get off at Hakuba station.a and get off at Hakuba station.

Access by car

From Tokyo

1. Chuo Highway—Nagano Highway Toyoshina Interchange—Takasegawa-right bank bypass—Omachi—Road 148—Hakuba
2. Kan-etsu Highway—Jou-shin-etsu highway, Nagano Interchange, —Olympic Road—Hakuba

From Chukyo, Kansai district

1. Tomei Komaki junction—Chuo highway—Nagano
Highway, Toyoshina Interchange—Takasegawa-Right bank bypass—Omachi—Road 148—Hakuba 2. Hokuriku highway Itoigawa Interchange—Road 148—Hakuba

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